हे विश्वची माझे घर ……!! The Whole World is My Home………!!

- संत ज्ञानेश्वर (Saint Dnyaneshwar)


We take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this page.

An open invitation to all our global brothers and sisters for Cultural and Educational Exchanges of Students and Teachers!!!

  • Come to our Great Country…………see our rich culture and heritage!!!
  • Come to Maharashtra…………A State with its own historical background and Scenic Beauty!!!
  • Come to Pune………….a cultural Capital of Maharashtra!!! A fast growing IT City!!!
  • Come to our School….Jaywant Public School……….a school with a difference!!! A Green School!!! Where culture and technology go hand in hand!!!

What are Cultural and Educational Exchanges?

Cultural and Educational Exchanges are totally different from 'School or Family Picnics'

  • Students from one school from one country go to another school from another country. These students stay there in the host families thereby understanding family life in the particular country. It is a good learning experience as they learn to adjust themselves with an environment other than their homes.
  • The students attend the school with their host friends and understand the teaching methods, syllabus and school atmosphere. Also students give presentations on various topics like history of their country, geography, social life, nature etc.
  • Students understand DO's and DON'Ts.
  • Students can see various places important from study, history, geography point of view.

Overall this is a different yet beneficial program for the students.
Economy involved in it is as mentioned below:-

  • The total expenditure involved is for ticketing (Group ticketing is cheap), passport and Visa cost and any personal purchases (it is optional).
  • No cost for stay, food and sightseeing in that particular country. The host school takes care of it.

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